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Last updateFri, 03 May 2013 10am

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NGO Threats

Following are threats to NOG:

  • Every action has its own reaction. For NGOs work, reaction and THREATS are manifold because of vested interests whose power and authorities are questioned by NGOs facilitation.
  • Some political parties are highly antagonistic towards NGOs. If such parties come to power, there will be a an eclipse upon NGOs.
  • Mushrooming of NGOs result in heavy competition among them which breeds hostile and unhealthy relationship. There exists a kind of virus among that they undermine and unduly criticize one another. In this way NGOs themselves remain a threat for NGOs. Why do they fail to understand that the rivals’ roses will also look pretty with fragrance?
  • In the NGO sector, we find two kinds of personalities 1. Bureaucratic, the power monger and 2. Charismatic development. the latter, if chronically get frustrated, leave their organization leaving a vacuum there on the one hand and adding additional competitions and rivalries on the otherhand. This creates rivalry among NGOs and also adds to the proliferation of NGOs.
  • Some NGOs carryout activities privily and in isolation, while there is not field base they go on buying vehicles and construction buildings for their own utility. One day or other these assets will be seized by the authorities or captured by the people.
  • In some NGOs formation of union is cropping up, thwarting the function of voluntarism.
  • Fund-raising has become a painful exercise to many NGOs. The trend of foreign funds is slowly dwindling. Of course local funding is upwarding. While certain pseudo NGOs though unrthical means raise funds, good NGOs suffer more as they are not prepared to compromise/sacrifice values. Funding to wrong NGOs breeds corruptive practices and commercialization of voluntary sector. Hence for a few, NGOs means ‘Investmentless Business’.
  • NGOs have to raise funds from the government or other sources which are themselves inherently corruptive. If money comes to NGOs from corruptive system how can they provide clean administration? This is the real program of many small NGOs who could neither compromise their values nor are they in a position to say ‘NO’ to unclean funding on account of their need for survival and existence.
  • As flow of foreign funds is considerably getting lesser and lesser organisations particularly the ones which maintain huge staff structure are already facing enormous financial constraints in sustaining themselves.
  • The FCRA for agencies a even cancelled on account of some vested interests. As NGIs facilitate conscientisation, campaign approach and movement strategy among the masses, the same becomes a threat to the anti-social element, who, inturn, try to eliminate NGOs from the scene.

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